9 Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Curious to see what kind of tools and resources a web developer uses? Here’s a list of Chrome Extensions I use on a regular basis to speed up my workflow and generally make my online life a little bit better.


One of my newest Chrome extension additions, Loom is a free browser extension and web app that will host your tutorial videos for you.

Loom is an incredibly helpful tool for explaining:

  • how particular parts of a website work
  • how to fix things on a website
  • any issues that I might need to walk a client through step-by-step

If you’ve ever needed to create tutorials for your web design clients, give Loom a shot.

Full Page Screen Capture

Have you ever needed to take a quick screenshot of an entire page on a website?

It’s a huge pain if you take multiple screenshots of different parts of the page and then try to paste them together. So make your life simpler and use Full Page Screen Capture.

This tool will automatically scroll down the page for you and create a full-length screenshot of the web page you’re visiting.

Last Pass

I hate trying to remember passwords, and it’s not safe to use one password for every single thing you sign up for.

I’ve been using Last Pass for years and it is so nice to be able to remember just one master password and then have Last Pass generate all my other passwords for me.

If you’re still using pen and paper to manage your passwords, or have trouble remembering your passwords, try out Last Pass.


This is a great extension if you have a lot of different extensions, like I do. Simply install SimpleExtManager, and then turn on and off extensions as needed.

I often turn off several extensions while working on Squarespace websites so there aren’t any accidental conflicts. I also have sets of extensions that I turn on when working on Squarespace projects or React Projects.


Ever opened up what seems like 1000 tabs and want to just close them all and bookmark them to come back to later?

OneTab lets you do just that. It will also let you share the bookmarks you create with others.

Alt Text Tester

Want a quick way to see if all of your images have appropriate alt text attached to them? The Alt Text Tester lets you hover over images and see what the alt text is without digging through the code.

This way, you can easily add alt text to the images that need them so that visitors using screen readers and Google Search will like you more.

CSS Peeper

Want a way to inspect CSS without having to dig through the code? Try CSS Peeper.

Inspect items instantly, see the website’s color palette, and export assets.


Identify fonts on web pages. Having trouble figuring out what font is loading? WhatFont will help you without making you dig around in the code.


Curious what platform or tools were used to build a website? Use Builtwith to analyze any website and see the different resources that went into creating it.